Unplanned Data Centre outages bring about the unwanted interruption to normal business operations. The associated recovery is very costly and expensive. It is reported that the average cost of unplanned Data Centre outages rose by more than 30% between the years 2010 and 2016 (Ponemon Institute, 2016).

According to the research conducted by Ponemon Institute, the No.#1 cause of unplanned Data Centre outage is UPS Failures. According to the data, it is estimated that every three out of ten unplanned Data Centre outages are as a result of unplanned UPS failures/stoppages.

A similar study by Emerson Power discovered that 65% of all UPS failures are due to failures of battery backup. This means about 2.1 out of 3 unplanned Data Centre outages are caused by failures of backup battery banks.

Our AEPRiMSTM technology:

  1. Helps Prevent the risk linked with battery failures;
  2. Enables UPS owners to accurately manage risks linked with owning and operating battery banks;
  3. Accurately predicts possible battery replacement date;
  4. Provides peace of mind;
  5. Improve return on asset;

An increase in Smartphone devices, followed by an increase in data spend per person per device, backed by the proliferation of social media, puts pressure on network operators to improve network reliability as well as an improvement in telecommunication service offerings.

Service downtime will certainly result in customer migration to other network providers, resulting in loss of revenue.

Backup and standby power provided by UPS’s or Inverters and battery-banks helps maintain reliable power supply during power outages thereby maintaining reliability of service and hence improves service availability rate – keeping customers connected.

Our AEPRiMSTM solution assists with continuous monitoring of critical battery assets at remote Base stations, ensuring their state of health is known and managed at all times to prevent unplanned critical power loss and loss of service.

Our well-trained staff members are equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology to give you peace of mind.

In high-voltage as well as medium-voltage switching stations, the role played by electrical protection system – of relays, interlocks and circuit breakers, is of paramount importance in the protection of lives and costly equipment.

These crucial electrical components are supported, on a daily basis by a network of connected DC battery banks, battery chargers, and in charge controllers.

The risk of loss of DC supply is constantly looming in the background. When this risk is ignored and not sufficiently managed, it could render the entire substation inoperable which, at times could result in loss of life and expensive equipment. The need for a reliable supply becomes even more important during network disturbances and fault conditions.

Risks associated with Auxiliary DC Power Supply:

  1. Failure of a battery within the string, resulting in entire string failure;
  2. Failure of DC Battery bank to supply current to high internal impedance;
  3. Electrolyte levels too low;
  4. Failure to supply tripping current due to poor connections in the circuit;
  5. Short-circuit on battery leads or DC bus;
  6. Failure of a battery charger;

The integration of our AEPRiMSTM solution will help reduce these risks and help mitigate these potential failures.